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Membership / 成為會員

Applying for Membership / 成為會員

Membership Qualifications / 會員條件:
1. Individual Members: Any individual age 20 and above having a sincere interest in identifying with Taichung PAWS objectives.
個人會員: 任何20歲以上並對於台中動物協會的宗旨具有高度熱忱且願意依同參與。
2. Group Members: Any private or state institution or organization having a sincere interest in identifying with Taichung PAWS objectives.
團體會員: 任何對於台中動物協會的宗旨具有高度熱忱且願意依同參與的私人或公家組織或機構。

Rights and Privileges of Members / 會員權益:
Once approved as a member, you may take part in reviewing or rejecting applicable legislation and policies so to preserve the integrity and mission of TPAWs. For more information, please refer to OUR Articles of Incorporation.

Membership Fees / 會費:
1. One-Time Entry Fee: NT$500
入會費: 新台幣五百元
2. Annual Fee: NT$500
常年會費: 新台幣五百元

Steps to Apply for Membership / 會員申請步驟
Please download the membership application form. Once you have completed the application form, please:

1. Mail to: Douglas Jarvie, P.O.BOX 5-897 Taichung, Taichung City, 40799 or,
郵寄到:40799 台中市東海大學郵政 5-897號信箱 DOUGLAS JARVIE收 或

2. Scan and email the form to
掃描並email 至

We will notify you of your membership status within two weeks of receiving your application form. Should your membership application be approved, we will inform you of how you can submit your membership fee.

If you have any questions regarding the membership application process, please email to