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Our Fostering Program 養父母

Taichung PAWS 台中市動物福利促進協會
a volunteer group dedicated to reducing the suffering of animals in Taiwan 一個台中在地的義工團體,致力於動物福利的推動和實踐

Fostering Guidelines
Fostering a pet is a big commitment and can be hard work, but also extremely rewarding! We are currently trying to work on building the number of foster homes we have and we are grateful that you are looking to support TPAWS in achieving this. These guidelines are to help you consider whether fostering is something you think you can do.

You would be expected to care for the animal as if it was your own pet. Provide a safe, stable environment, food, exercise, companionship and generous amounts of patience and love! Food can be supplied by TPAWS.

You need to ensure that the animal receives its monthly heargurad and flea treatments every month.

Some animals may require special care, such as medical attention/post medical attention. You would be expected to take the animal to a TPAWS appointed vet. All bills would be paid for by TPAWS. The animal will also need monthly flea and heargard treatments; this will also be paid for by TPAWS. As TPAWS is a charity, this is negotiable if you feel you wish to contribute financially towards the animal’s care that would be great, but is NOT expected.
有一些動物或許需要特別的照顧,如醫療的關心.你將會帶著動物到動物福利促進協會指定的動物醫院,所有的費用將由動物福利促進協會支出.每隻動物都應該接受每個月的除蟲治療.這些費用也由動物福利促進協會付費. 動物福利促進協會是個慈善機構.若您想要捐助一些金錢來幫助這些動物,將會是一件很棒的事.但是不一定需要.

Some dogs require special care, such as increasing weight or strength, socializing, building trust, exercise, and fun. Others may need you to help reinforce manners, working with problem areas (leash manners, housetraining, barking, etc.), and be taught basic obedience (sit, do.wn, off, etc). All of this helps the animal adjust to living in a home and increases the chances of finding a forever home for the animal. We have the support of an animal trainer and he can offer support within these areas if necessary.

If you are interested in fostering TPAWS would conduct a home visit. This allows us to identify any potential problem areas and offer advice and also allows time for you to ask questions about any concerns you may have.
如果您對短期代養有興趣,我們將安排動物福利促進協會拜訪您的家.這將讓我們發現可能的問題. 及提供建議並有時間提出您所關心的問題.

The animal CANNOT be left outside whilst family members are at work or out of the house and may not be off-leash unless in the house or in a secure area with the foster parent present. They must also wear a collar with tag at all times

You should consider what you would do with the animal should you be taking a vacation, we cannot guarantee that we would be able to find an alternative placement during your time away.

We ask that the foster parents are actively involved in finding a new home their foster pet. This would be done with support from TPAWS, but would involve advertising the animal, taking the animal to the adoption park on Sundays, and generally socialising with the animal so that it gets at much exposure as possible to potential adopters. (The Sunday event may no longer be running after this month, we will update you on this)

If you find a potential adopter, TPAWS must be contacted prior to adoption so that we can assist with the necessary assessments prior to adoption.

Regular communication with TPAWS offering updates on progress so that relevant information can be passed on to potential adopters.

It is important to be aware that the fostering period can last from a few days to months and that you are fully prepared for this. We cannot guarantee how long it may take to find a good home.

Thank you for taking the time to consider fostering. If you think this is something you would be interested in doing, please don’t hesitate in getting in contact, we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

Natasha Mayo